Allianceleague- The warchest is here! (240215 - 17:35)

From today on all Alliances can access the warchest. Within the warchest you can improve your alliance and unlock new maps. As well you can now create Goldmark free games within the alliance league. Another feature is an unlockable booster for earned experience in all games.

Supremacy 1914 Update – The day begins earlier now (190215 - 14:57)

As of yesterday a new patch for Supremacy 1914 went live. From now on the day change will take place one hour earlier. With this change we want to assure that the day change is now taking place at a time better suitable for most players. Of course we still work on other new features. Be ...

Seasons start- The Alliance League will begin soon (270115 - 11:02)

The day after tomorrow the first season of the Supremacy 1914 Alliance League will start. Within the next five months, all alliances will have the chance to become the best alliance in Supremacy 1914. You can participate with your alliance if you create a ...

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